Society for Production Research (Üretim Araştırmaları Derneği)

The “International Symposium for Production Research 2023” will be the 23th of the “Üretim Araştırmaları Sempozyumu”. This series of symposiums was initiated in 1997 by the academicians from Istanbul University and Istanbul Technical University. Since then symposiums were held at various esteemed universities annually. The aim of the symposiums is to bring together academicians and practitioners from business life to exchange ideas, knowledge and information on the field of production research . The year 2007 became the turning point for the symposiums. A society was formed on “production research” for securing the sustainability of the symposiums under an instituonal umbrella by the same group of academicians who organized the first symmposium in 1997, taking the support of some academicians from other universities. Since 2007 symposiums are being organized in colloboration with a hosting university and Society for Production Research.